Introducing Cassandra Twala

Designer and Creative Enterpreneur

Designer and co-founder of Moea Design, an architecture and interior design consultancy believes that fashion and comfort go hand-in-hand, combined with a sense of timelessness and quality in material. "Things should be created to last."

The elegant Cassandra steps out in the Big Buckle Gizeh and Arizona this summer.


BIRKENSTOCK is built on 250 years of heritage. How important is brand legacy and tradition in the fashion space?

"Time is undoubtedly one of the most precious commodities in any industry. Time allows you to test, fail, re-emerge, make mistakes, and refine who you are. Legacy is withstanding all those changes and coming out on the other side.That is no small feat, it is invaluable."

Fashion is often so much more than fabric, colours, and prints, it's a way to reach people. What message are you sharing through the BIRKENSTOCK Summer Campaign?

"I hope to represent the freedom to be yourself, to be confident and if I can do it, so can the next person."


What does it mean to be part of the BIRKENSTOCK Summer Campaign?

"It's an honour. To be able to interpret an international brand in a local context is important and fulfilling for me. To be recognised for what I do and collaborate with a brand I respect means a lot to me. It's one for the books."

How do you align with BIRKENSTOCK?

"I think BIRKENSTOCK focuses on the right things. It doesn't compromise quality. It has evolved, but always stays true to itself. It is resilient and continues to strive for better."

WHAT IS Your favourite things about being South African?

"We're so adaptable and resilient. South Africans can weather any storm."

What attracted you to BIRKENSTOCK?

"It's undeniable quality and legacy."



"Classic with a contemporary edge. I am drawn to timelessness." - Cassandra Twala