Founder and Creative Director of IMPRINT

Born and raised in Khayelitsha, self-taught fashion designer Mzukisi Mbane has always been a creative at heart and is making waves as the founder and creative director of Imprint ZA, a proudly South African luxury fashion brand.

"It is key for people to relate to a product in a language they understand," says Mzukisi, speaking to the value of localisation. He is well-known for incorporating modern electric prints into his designs and his collections have graced both local and international runways.


BIRKENSTOCK is built on 250 years of heritage. How important is brand legacy and tradition in the fashion space?

My brand tagline is "leave a mark" so brand legacy is important to me. I want to build a brand with a clear heritage and for generations to come.

Fashion is often so much more than fabric, colours, and prints, it's a way to reach people. What message are you sharing through the BIRKENSTOCK Summer Campaign?

I would love for people to look at my involvement in this campaign and see the power one has when investing in your craft and identity. My work and consistency has put me in a space where I am easily identified for who I am, the amazing work I've done in the industry. Hopefully this will inspire others to own their own identity.

what attracted you to birkenstock?

The simplicity in the design is a perfect way to balance and complete my look.


what are your favourite things about being south african?

I love our unique take on things and am fascinated by how the rest of the world looks at South Africans for things as simple as social media takes. I love our diversity and how it inspires our music, fashion and the way we interact with the rest of the world. I also love our constitution, something most of us never really appreciate until you travel to other countries and realise how blessed we are to have a consititution that recognises and respects the life of everyone.

what does it mean to be part of the birkenstock summer campaign?

I understand that this is the first time Birkenstock as a German brand has collaborated with South African creatives on such a campaign. More than anything I love the fact that the campaign seeks to establish a longer relationship with us as brands. I love that, it speaks to substance.

how do you align with birkenstock?

It's very easy to want to chase fast fashion trends. I love their commitment to what their brand stands for, how they have remained consistent in their design language and aesthetic.



"BIRKENSTOCK is perceived as a functional, comfortable brand but it's interesting to see how it lives in the fashion space so effortlessly and beautifully." Addressing localisation Mzu said: "This is key for a global brand, as people need to be able to relate to a product in a language they understand."