Fashion Disruptor and Creative

A fashion-icon, brand-owner and all-round boundary breaker. After kickstarting her career as a social worker, Yasmin has since started her own fashion brand and has been seated at the front row of top fashion week events. She incorporates her unique and effortless style into the Made Hot Here campaign, and speaks to how she has had a love affair with BIRKENSTOCK for many years.

This Summer, Yasmin makes the back-strapped Milano and close-toed Boston her own with her distinctive, layered styling.


BIRKENSTOCK has 250 years of heritage yet continues to evolve and present surprises year on year. Your views on age-defying style statements?

I'm known to abhor statements like "looking good for your age". Style to me is an evolution for some, an innate sense for others but most of all it's a sense of confidence in whatever you choose. A sense of self-belief regardless of age, regardless of being boxed in to dressing according to societal norms. It means taking that confidence and making a statement at any age.

Fashion is often so much more than fabric, colours, and prints, it's a way to reach people. What message are you sharing through the BIRKENSTOCK Summer Campaign?

I would love for people to look at my involvement in this campaign and see the power one has when investing in your craft and identity. My work and consistency has put me in a space where I am easily identified for who I am, the amazing work I've done in the Hopefully this will inspire others to own their identity.

what attracted you to birkenstock?

I've been wearing them for many years; long before it became the "it shoe". My attraction has always been comfort, quality and that sense that it goes against the traditional "fashionable" pretty shoe.

you are known to have a "shoes-first" policy. what factors are your guide when choosing footwear?

When I choose footwear, I can honestly say that, that has been an evolution as well. Initially it was all about the look. For many years now however it's been about comfort, quality and uniqueness.


why is it important for global brands to bring it home and localise how they approach the way they speak to a country and its people?

Global brands need to speak a localised language for them to succeed. We can't disregard the globalised nature of brands but tapping into people who represent the local culture and then using them to translate a unique and local look makes sense on every level.

what are your favourite things about being south african?

I love our unique take on things and am fascinated by how the rest of the world looks at South Africas for things as social media takes. I love our diversity and how it inspires our music, fashion and the way we interact with the rest of the world, I also love our constitution, something most of us never really appreciate until you travel to other countries, and realise how blessed we are to have a constitution that recognises and respects the life of everyone.

what does it mean to be part of the birkenstock summer campaign?

It had me doing a happy dance. It is especially poignant to me as I wore a pair of BIRKENSTOCK on my Hajj pilgrimage in 2000.


how do you align with birkenstock?

My values around quality and longevity as well as not consuming more than necessary - especially in the fashion space - means that BIRKENSTOCK fits with me perfectly. The uniqueness of the brand is exactly what I try and embody daily.

birkenstock is built on 250 years of heritage. how important is brand legacy and tradition in the fashion space?

Brand legacy and tradition are incredibly important. It's what makes our choices easy, it's what I first and foremost go for and it means that we don't buy into silly trends.



Yasmin believes the rest of the world is looking to South Africa for inspiration in all creative aspects of life: "We are so culturally diverse, yet somehow, we manage to fuse this diversity so beautifully. We can also tell stories in unique ways, especially in fashion."