Product Description

The BIRKENSTOCK Footbed & Shoe Cleaner is a water-based solution that consists of
sugar tenside and Panama bark extract. It is the perfect all-rounder and is made from
natural materials. It can help to remove stubborn, heavy stains from all types of leather
and non-leather materials. Before use, remove excess dust and dirt with the appropriate
BIRKENSTOCK brush. Shake the Footbed & Shoe Cleaner well before use. Prepare a
container with lukewarm water and wet the sponge, which comes with the product.
Spray the Cleaner three to five times directly onto the sponge. Rub in with your hands to
form a layer of foam and apply it to the upper or outsole of the shoe. Leave to soak in for
30-60 seconds and then remove the foam with water. Wash the sponge in clean water.
Do not hold the shoe under running water, but rather carefully remove any residual foam
with the clean sponge. In case of particularly stubborn stains, leave to soak in for a few
minutes and repeat the process until the shoe is clean. The full effect of the Cleaner will
only become apparent once the shoe is fully dry. Be aware that the color of the cleaned
shoe might change slightly after usage, so consider testing the effect on a small area
before applying to the whole shoe. As this process involves direct contact with cleaning
fluids, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after use.


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